Flat Ended Beauty Blender Sponges

Beauty Blender Sponges

The Beauty blender’s egg shape helps a bit with blending, allowing me to roll it all over my skin for quicker blending. An egg-like shape is ideal for achieving a flawless foundation application, and while the original Beauty blender is a tried and true option, there are several new blenders on the block that are worth your consideration. The sponge is great with blending, highlighting and contouring because of its flexibility to get into small spaces, hard to reach areas and even fine lines. Use the flat edge around the nose and eyes for contouring, to get an enhanced, beautiful and smooth complexion that appears airbrushed flawless.


A makeup sponge can be used to apply foundation, concealer, highlighter and contouring sticks – obviously it’s recommended to thoroughly clean your sponge each time you apply a product. . When using a sponge, you are getting an even application that results in a flawless complexion. Beauty Sponge is the only blending sponge applicator tool for powder, cream and liquid makeup you’ll ever need. This makeup sponge provides a flawless, edge-less application to help you look your best, every day. This makeup sponge is simple to use and easy to clean, making it a great choice from amateurs to pros. It’s easy to optimize your beauty routine by using this multi-functional beauty sponge. Makeup Sponge is Easy to clean with mild soap and water.


How to Use :

  1. Use the pointy side to get into hard-to-reach places, such as around the eyes, mouth, and nose.
  2. Use the round base for foundation and blush on the larger areas of your face such as your forehead, cheeks and chin.
  3. You can use it with dry or wet foundation. DRY for powder products, such as foundation, loose powder etc. WET for the application of milky or creamy products, such as BB cream, lotion, canceller.
  4. Rinse it and let it dry naturally after use.


Benefits of Using Beauty Blender Sponges:

  • Blending sponges are amazing for flawless, even coverage and are also very versatile.
  • What makes blending sponges different is the unique egg shape.
  • The large round base is ideal to evenly apply makeup to skin.
  • The small tip can be used to apply makeup in hard to reach areas.

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