Professional Oval Makeup Brush Set

Oval Brush 11








Oval Makeup Brush Set features 10 essential face, eyes and lips brushes you need to complete a flawless look, whether you need to ‘bake’ the under eye concealer, add a pinch of highlighter on your cheek bones or perfect your contouring. The Brush hair is made of high quality synthetic fiber hair which is super soft and comfortable for the skin, fit for sensitive skin, it can protect and beauty your skin well. Synthetic fiber hair and super density bristle, super soft and comfortable for your skin, does not shed or hurt your skin so that you can use it for a long time. Oval Makeup brush sets are great because they have very soft dense bristles. The brushes have a round shape design that’s perfect for blending foundation, blush, or powder to your face or cheeks.

They are amazing for applying concealer, foundation, bronzer, and achieving a perfect complexion. A makeup brush is a tool with bristles, used for the application of makeup. These brushes are shaped in such a way that makes them perfect for blending foundation, blush, or powder. These makeup brush set will make it much easier to make up.


Foundation Brush

Oval Brush 01

Achieve an ultra smooth, pore less finish when applying foundation, tinted moisturizer, or other creamy face product. The tapered bristles are designed to contour your face for a seamless, flawless finish.


Powder Brush

Oval Brush 02

The brush is super soft and bluffly and can be used for any powder products, like dusting powder or blush. Stroke the brush over powder and tap off excess. Blend well using circular movements – start from the center of your face and work outwards.


Blush brush

Oval Brush 03

It is also called as Cheek Brush. It is used to apply both cream and powder textures for cheeks that captivate. The soft rounded tip is perfect for application to the apples of the cheeks.


Concealer Brush

Oval Brush 04

For perfect shading and highlighting the smaller areas of your face and can also be used with concealer. Cover all sins with the angled concealer brush, for easy application and a flawless finish.


Contour Brush

Oval Brush 05

With a concave design, which is perfect for you to apply liquid foundation or concealer or contour on your face.


Eye Shadow Brush­

Oval Brush 06

Use an eye shadow brush to evenly apply powder and cream shadows. Eye shadow Brush is slightly tapered that makes it easy to work on the corners of the eye. It doesn’t leave stokes when using creamy eye shadow and blends evenly.


Eye Brow Brush

Oval Brush 07

Uniquely shaped brush to define eyebrows, it allows you to apply eyebrow gels and powders to give you perfect looking brows.


Eye Liner brush

Oval Brush 08

This domed shaped semi flat brush makes it easy for the user to take the desired product on the brush. The Brush is moderately dense, which makes it easy to make a moderately thick line or even help fill in the desired wings and angles.


Eye Blending Brush

Oval Brush 09

This brush can be used with wet or dry products. This loose, dome-shaped brush is perfect for blending. It blends color effortlessly on the lid and creases and can also be used to apply concealer.


Lip Brush

Oval Brush 10

A makeup application tool is a long, thin pencil-like wand with soft bristles at the end that typically form a tapered point. It is used to apply a lipstick or a lip gloss evenly on to the lips.


How to Clean:

  • Place brushes in warm water.
  • Apply a dime size amount of mild soap and olive oil into the palm of your hand.
  • Rinse brushes thoroughly under running water.
  • You will notice that the water leaving the brush is tinted from protective coating.
  • Continue rinsing until no color leaves the brush.
  • Let the bristles air dry in an open space.



  1. They are super dense with 10 times the amount of individual fibers as conventional brushes, which makes the application nearly flawless.
  2. It also requires you to use less makeup then regular brushes.
  3. A pea-sized amount of foundation goes a very long way.
  4. They will give you a completely airbrushed foundation finish.
  5. You will cut your regular makeup routine in half.
  6. Achieve perfect contouring each time.

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